Foxi vom Zeder Kämme

Foxi Collage


Foxi is our girl with all the drive! She loves people and other dogs, but toys, balls, sticks, tugs.. they are always in the picture… Foxi is a red sable. People mistake her for ‘working lines’ but she is a showline girl with a working girl mentality! Fox has had two very successful litters of puppies! She produces red sables and black and red pups and does carry the long coat gene recessively. Foxi has amazing energy and a smile on her face ALL the time! I can’t wait for you to meet her.


Registration AKC
Tattoo ZK14F3
DOB 23 August 2014
Health Screenings OFA Eyes GS-EY477/41F/VPI
OFA Cardiac GS-CA-1847/41F/P-VPI
OFA Dentition GS-DE437/41F-VPI
Hips “a” normal (Germany) ZW 71
Elbows “a” normal (Germany)
Breeder: Nancy Thomas Price
Owner: Cristina Kite
Foxi Lineage


V Legende am Haus vom Lecherweg, IPO 3
‘a’ normal hips & elbows
ZW 76
VA Bill von der Furstenau, SchH 3, KKL1 VA Quenn Loherweg, SchH3, FH, KKL
V Viola v Haus Seltenreich
VA Happy vom Fichtenschlag-Zwinger, SchH3, FH, IPO3, KKL1 VA Bojan vd Ostfriesischen Thingstatte
SG Happy Fichtenschlag

SG Diamond vom Zeder Kamme, BH
‘a’ normal hips & elbows,
ZW 75

VA Urban vom Gleissenaur Schloss,
SchH 3, KKL1
VA Ghandi v Arlett, SchH 3, KKL1
V Johsy Simmersberg, SchH 1, KKL1
V Tascha v Hauswalder Bach, SchH 1, KKL1, ‘a’ normal hips and elbows
ZW 77
VA Kevin v. Murrtal, SchH 3, KKL1a
V Giggi Hauswalder Bach, SchH3, KKL1a