Experience of over 30 years with German Shepherds:
Our commitment to exceptional puppies, and support to our clients,
is evident in every litter! The proof is in the progeny of our breeding dogs!
Matching the right dog with the right owner/family..
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Please note: We will not have fall litters this year.


Currently accepting reservations for our next litters
Breeding dogs have Hip & Elbow certifications from Germany, as well as
Eye, Dental, Degenerative Myelopathy, and Cardiac screening certificates from OFA.

Our imported stud dogs Franco and Zappo

Born April 19, 2019
Gretchen x Franco… This is their first litter together.
Gretchen is an exceptional Zhoo Zhoo daughter, and has produced one beautiful litter.
Please see the For Sale page for available pup.
LB on 2xVA1 Remo & 2xVA1 Vegas!

C4  & D4 LITTERs ~
Our Next Litters are planned for Winter 2020
Foxi and / or Zhoo Zhoo will be bred late in the year for early spring puppies.
Red Sable, Black / Red, Stock and Long Coat
This will be a repeat of Foxi’s previous litter with Zappo. Rarely do we repeat litters, but when they meet our goals in every way, why not! Clients are raving about these pups.
Foxi is a descendent of two of my favorite dogs of all time,
Siegers VA1 Ursus vom Batu and VA1 Ulk vom Arlett
We are exploring a special sire for Zhoo Zhoo as this will be her last litter.  

Foxi and Franco with a previous pup…

The proof is in the progeny!!

~ Please reserve your ZK dog early ~
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* Disclaimer: We cannot attest to the quality of pups that are not from ZK registered litters.


What ever puppy you choose, please use a high quality dog food! After selection of your breeder, it’s the most important decision you will make…

For other available pups / dogs see our For Sale page.

Protocols and Policies:

We take great pride in our pups and care in raising them! Each breeding we do is carefully selected by looking at dozens of attributes of both sire and dam. We maintain the German standard as written for both physical attributes and character, and use only top examples of the breed for our program. Sales contract with health replacement guarantee and informative industry news to owners of our dogs is standard. There is no substitute for experience. This has been our life for over 20 years and 75 litters and our knowledge and training experience is evident in every litter we breed. Our pups are usually under contract early so reservations are recommended. We do these special things to insure our pups get off to the best start:

  • Researched early neurological stimulation program (3-16 days).
  • Specific vaccine protocol that protects the immune system.
  • Formal 3rd party Puppy Testing at 7 weeks.
  • Early socialization, exploration, problem solving and enrichment
  • Imprinting for various skills starting at 4 weeks such as scent work and agility.
  • Full health foundation includes 1st shots and worming.
  • Every dog in the pedigree has certified hips and elbows and most often a temperament certificate or working title.
  • Extensive Puppy Packet with background pedigrees, informative articles, training information, handouts.

Aspects of health, temperament and conformation are a top consideration. A dog’s ‘Breed Survey” (the KKL after the dog’s name), outlines how closely a dog meets the various elements of the standard. Occasionally we will use a dog who meets the standard but has not yet completed all their titles or received their breed survey.

Please read this article, The Elements of Temperament, by Joy Tiz before considering a puppy from our kennel, and to more fully understand what to look for in the parents of any puppy being considered as your companion.

We do require that prospective buyers complete a written questionnaire and give references. Reservations are accepted with a signed contract and deposit.

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