Zappo vom Hauswalder Bach, CGC

Zappo Collage


Zappo has been a great stud dog for us. He brings excellent bloodlines for our breeding program from his top producing 2 X VA sire Ballack, and was selected for his compatability with our females. He has a playful and goofy personality but all business when the situation calls for it! Zappo has produced 8 litters of pups with excellent results, good reports from clients. First and foremost he is a wonderful companion for Suzanne and her family. The kids have enjoyed showing him at the county fair in conformation, obedience, and agility. He is a joy to be around!

Watch THIS VIDEO of Sire VA1 WORLD Ballack von der Brucknerallee!


Registration AKC & SV
Tattoo Chip
DOB Jan. 25, 2015
Titles/Certificates Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Health Screenings OFA Cardiac – normal, GS-CA1526/15M/P-VPI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy 0/0GS-DM6000/16M-PI
Hips ‘a’ fast normal ZW89 SV Germany
Elbows ‘a’ normal SV Germany
Breeder: Wolfgang Feldbinder, Germany
Owners: Suzanne Broner & Nancy Thomas
Zappo Lineage

Linebreeding: none

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